Lynley Dodd

Scarface Claw

Lynley Dodd - Scarface Claw
Автор:Lynley Dodd
Серия:Hairy Maclary and Friends
Год издания:2003
ISBN:9780140568868, 978-0-140-56886-8
Количество страниц:32
"Scarface Claw" is a hilarious rhyming story by Lynley Dodd. Big, bullying tom cat, Scarface Claw, Hairy Maclary's arch-enemy, is at the centre of this story. But like most bullies, Scarface turns out to be not quite as tough as he and the other animals think when he is scared by his own reflection. Lynley Dodd is an award-winning author/illustrator who lives in New Zealand. She is enormously popular for her rhyming stories of the unforgettable Hairy Maclary and his friends. She worked as a teacher before beginning to write her own books in 1974.

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