Edward Lear

Complete Nonsense

Edward Lear - Complete Nonsense
Автор:Edward Lear
Издательство:Wordsworth Classics
Серия:Wordsworth Classics
Год издания:1994
Количество страниц:272
The Owl and the Pussy-Cat, Calico Pie and The Pobble Who Has No Toes, together with Edward Lear's crazy limericks, have entertained adults and children alike for over 100 years. This edition, illustrated by the author, contains all the verse and stories of The Book of Nonsense, More Nonsense, Nonsense Songs, Nonsense Stories and Nonsense Alphabets and Nonsense Cookery. It has a biographical Preface by Lear himself, and concludes with some delightful 'heraldic' sketches of his cat, Foss.

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